Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I sit here exhausted.  It was a long day, full of rain, and wind, and more rain.  The little girls are still getting over their uh stomach bug so that was loads of fun.  We tried to do crafts but couldn't find the supplies we wanted.  We made do with brown coffee filters, which are so not the same as white for crafts.  There was bickering, fighting, hitting, screaming, and frustration.  There was also laughter, giggles, discussions, togetherness and love.  Mixed in with all the stuff that exhausts me were moments that fill my heart.  My kids are loud, crazy, and wild and I love each and every moment we have together.  As much as it drives me nut when Naomi screams at the top of her lungs, it is all worth it when she hugs me at night as I tuck her in.  Her little arms squeeze as hard as she can and then she smiles at you with her wrinkled nose and eyes all squished together.  I am very blessed.  

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