Monday, February 14, 2011

Nothing says Happy Valentine's like puke

We had a wonderful morning. After morning chores we planned our own little Valentine's Day Party. The kids made mint chocolate brownies, which we baked in heart decorated cupcake liners. We all made cards for each other and little pockets to hold the cards. Maddy made us a centerpiece of candles, and heart jewels. She also decorated red hearts all over the kitchen. We were very festive.

After so much junk that my stomach hurt and I could actually feel the sugar moving through my veins we had a lazy day of movies and book reading. The wind was blowing so hard and rain was just pelting on the windows, it was a nice relaxing day for sitting by the fire with a book. We still have lots of unpacking to do but we just ignored it all and enjoyed each other. :) Joe is at school this evening and I hope he had a good day. He was excited for the coffee and cookies. lol Great day over all, minus the stomach bug that the girls have and the puking the boy started this evening. Cause nothing says Valentine's Day like "Mom I puked!"

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