Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Decluttering: Clothing {Update}

Last week I finished sorting through my clothes. 2 full bags went into the yardsale pile and a enormous pile of socks into the garbage. I know I can use them to dust or for crafts but the space they take up in storage is not worth it for me. Joe also sorted through his clothes. With some "help" and prompting he got rid of 2 bags of clothing to the yardsale, another pile of holey socks, and a pile of clothes that he will rotate out as he wears out the items in his current rotation.

Once I started on this process I became brutal. Joe, I am sure, noticed this. He became very protective of his t shirts. lol If it had holes- gone, stains- gone, have not seen it worn in a while- gone. It felt good to be free of all this clutter. I have noticed an immense difference in the laundry situation. Now when I go a day or two without washing I can catch up in two loads. The hampers are mostly empty if I do a load (maybe two) a day.

So final tally is 7 bags of clothing gone! 3 bags of clothing to be rotated. Half bag of hand me downs and a second half bag of clothes for the younger girls keepsake quilts.

Next on my list is cleaning rags, towels, and bedding. We do not use paper towels and our pile of rags seems to have bred over the past year. I am going to start with sorting into piles and go from there. I think this will take me a few days so make sure I have all of them in one spot. Then the sorting will commence. I will update when I can.

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