Saturday, May 23, 2009

Recipe for Homemade Laundry Soap

Ingredients needed to make 4 gallons:
4 quarts water
1/2 cup 20 Mule Team Borax (sodium borate)
1/2 cup Arm & Hammer washing soda (not baking soda)
1/2 a grated bar of Fels Naptha or 1 bar of Ivory soap

All of these items I purchased at our local grocery store in the laundry aisle.

Supplies needed:
Pot used specifically for making soaps & cleaners
Something to stir the melting soap with
Bucket larger than 3 gallons (I use my cleaned out diaper pail)
3 old 100 ounce laundry soap containers to store your new soap in

Step 1:
Put 4 quarts of water in your pot. Add the grated bar soap, the 1/2 cup Borax, and the 1/2 cup of washing soda. Heat on medium heat stirring occasionally until all the soap has melted.

Step 2:
Pour it into your bucket & leave it for about an hour to cool off.

Step 3:
Once it is cool, add 3 gallons of very hot water to your bucket & stir thoroughly.

Step 4:
Pour laundry soap into your storage containers using funnel. They will gel up as they cool.

Use 1/2 cup per full load of laundry.

This soap will have a gelatinous consistency and won't look like store bought soap. Another thing to remember is you won't see suds. Suds are not what is cleaning our clothing. The ingredients are doing the cleaning. Most store bought products have added ingredients to produce suds. We think suds = clean but that is not the case. For containers I find that this soap does not come out of the push button dispensers very easy. I prefer to pour it out which can be hard in the large saop containers. I use a mix of old milk jugs, vinegar containers, and laundry soap bottles. I throw my cup in the washer with each load and it comes out clean with each load to be put away.

The above is my last batch of soap. This is a double batch and as you can see there was a lot of it. In addition to 4 milk jugs, 2 170 oz laundry containers, 1 vinegar bottle, 1 large dish soap bottle, and an apple juice bottle there are 4 quart size canning jars in a cupboard that I forgot to put in the picture. I did not have enough room in the pan to make a double batch so I only added 1 batch worth of water and double batch worth of other ingredients. When I poured it into the bucket to cool I added 4 more quarts of really hot water and stirred; then I let it cool and coninued with the regular directions.


Angel said...

Do you have an other option for the Borax? I used it once but one of my munchkins had an allergic reaction (during a funeral!) to the clothing washed in it.

Allison said...

I don't, sorry. Hope you find something that works for you.