Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kitchen Decluttering

A few weeks ago I took on the spring cleaning of the kitchen. The cupboards were a mess! As I took everything out and scrubbed, I decluttered while I was in there. I am amazed at the differences.

All of our cupboards are deep but short. They can fit a lot in there but nothing can stand upright. This makes storage for cutting boards, cookie sheets, and cereal boxes rather difficult.


After. The cookie sheets also go in here but they were in use when the picture was taken.

Our drawers have the same issue of being really short.
The baking drawer before.

After. This is actually a whole new drawer. One of the only deeper ones so I can not fit the dough hook in here. Which is also in use now that I look at the photo. Must have been a bread day.

Cookbooks before

Cookbooks after. I removed most of the cookbooks actually. The white binder you see on the right is The K Family Cookbook. Madeline made dividers and decorated it and now it is my job to take all the favorite recipes out of the decluttered cookbooks to put in there before we get rid of them all.

Dishes cupboard. Also used to house the coffee, sunscreen, and whatever else you have in your hands when you are walking by.

After. We now have room for the china tea cups, sugar bowl, and cream pitcher. I love using the china and so do the kids for tea parties. I found an entire set at a yard sale for under $10 about 10 years ago. I figure why have nice dishes if you don't use them. We have broken a tea cup so far but it happens. The rest is in another cupboard and we don't use it that often but the cupboard is inaccessible without a stool so its not in the way.

The catch all cupboard by the stove.

After. The top shelf actually now houses the empty canning jars and their lids. We use these for storage of all kinds of things in addition to canning with them.



Over the door spice rack before.

After. The bottom shelf (not pictured) is always empty as the baby can reach it. :)

Top half of pantry before.

Pantry after

Bottom of pantry before.

After. The flour and salt bags you see there are now in food safe 3 and 5 gallon buckets. The buckets fit perfectly on the shelf and bottom.

Pan cupboard before.


Glass storage before


Lid drawer before.



After. Wow, looks like we have no food. lol

Junk drawer before

After. Yep its gone. No more junk drawer. I am either going to love this or really hate it. lol This drawer is under our cupboard with the glasses and dishes so it makes sense to have the lids here.

The basket. Some regularly used items from the junk drawer have been relocated here. Calculator, pens, tape, scissors, phone charger. The big purple book is my home management binder. I love my home management binder. Though it is a work in progress a lot as things change regularly around here. :)


Jenn said...

Great job!! It looks like everything has a home now! :)

Robin said...

It looks great! I'm inspired!

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks amazing!!

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