Friday, May 29, 2009

Kitchen Decluttering {Update}

The clean and decluttered counter tops.

Right side of kitchen. Our calendar marker board is on the wall here. The mixer is out all the time as we do not have a cupboard large enough to fit it. It would probably stay out even if we did as I use it daily.

The whole right side of the kitchen.

On this counter is the basket containing my home management binder. The yellow bucket is a rag bucket. We do not use paper towels or paper napkins so dirty rags get thrown in here through out the day and I just dump in in the wash.

Left side of the kitchen.

On the left counter is the butter, a compost bucket, and a chicken scrap bucket. These sit all day and usually get dumped in the evening and rinsed/washed out. On the right the black thing in the corner is the toaster. The white thing on the counter, behind the teapot, is our bread. I make our own bread and find it stays fresh wrapped in a towel on the counter.

This is a before picture of the top of the fridge.

After. I moved the microwave to the garage. If we do not miss it we will sell it at the upcoming yardsale. The red container is my garden container. I use this a lot this time of year. It holds my seeds, twine, my garden map, list of planting dates, etc. The basket is our egg basket and there is usually a few empty egg cartons up here as well.


Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

Looks good!

Amoreena said...

Wow, your kitchen looks awesome! Want to come and work on mine next ;)