Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Garden Update

First is Marah's garden. The large clump is snap peas. On the right is pole beans and the left is radishes. She has planted almost everything you can think of in her little 2 by 1.5 foot garden. lol

All three older kids have a small garden space. They are fenced off from everything else so they know what is their space and they are free to do whatever they wish with it. :)

The strawberries are blooming.

The potatoes.

New space added to the back of the garden. This has since been planted with zuchini, yellow squash, and tons of cucumbers. I have also added Marigolds through out the garden. :)

Kind of blurry but a little snap pea.
Lettuce, spinach, and radishes. YUM!! The other day the kids begged for a leaf of spinach so I found some yummy little leaves for them. Just one each as most of the plants are still so tiny. They begged for more. lol Later on I overheard Madeline tell Michael don't pick that one its not spinach I tried it a little while ago. Apparently unsure as to what the spinach is they are just sampling greens from the garden. The plant in question was a radish green. :)

The blueberry bushes are doing wonderful. I hated picking all the blooms off but as they are first year it will ensure a larger harvest later. It was so hard to not get the thrid year blueberry bushes I saw at the store last week. They were huge and I wanted to get several!
I could not help getting several (umm 12) plants at the local hardware store. They were having a sale on 5 inch potted vegis for $1. They were really healthy and I purchased several kinds of tomatoes (like I need more!), cayenne pepper, a salsa pepper, tomatillos, and a few other things I have never grown before to see how we like them.
Another new plant this year will be ground cherries. I did not want to purchase seeds online as I don't really want an entire packet since I am lacking for space. I looked around locally but with no luck. A mom in Canada on a forum I am a part of offered to mail me some she had. They arrived two days ago and I am so excited to try them out. I will post an update when they germinate as I have yet to plant them. It has been super rainy here!

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Rhonda Jean said...

Hello Allison, I love knowing that your children have their own garden space. I don't know the ground cherry, I'll have to look that up. Happy gardening!