Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Decluttering: Clothing

I am "stuck" at the computer chair today. Stuck because Naomi is needing to nurse every 5 minutes (it seems). The computer chair is the best place as Marah cannot bounce on me or climb on Nomy while I nurse her (the couch is seriously a dangerous place to nurse). lol I think teeth are coming, I know for sure one molar is half way through but have not checked to see if there are any more making an entrance. I feel rather computered out today so here I am to ramble as I just do not think I can do any more Facebook, MDC, or just random wandering online today. Is it possible to be internetted out? :)

Following the lead of a friend we decided to seriously declutter the clothing. We are a 6 person household. Two of those are children under 3 who I swear need several changes of clothing per day. One of which is a boy who also needs to change at least his shirt once or twice per day. The other is an 8 year old girl who while she does not "need" to change her clothes several times a day does it anyway just because. Combine that with a Dad who has something of a clothes (and shoes) fettish (not really but it seems like it sometimes), needs work clothes and play clothes. Then there's me with 4 different sizes of clothing from pre pregnancy to post pregnancy and all the in betweens. Lets just say the laundry pile was immense!

I started a while ago getting a handle on all the hand me downs. Having three girls we are saving everything that could be worn again. At first we started with one large (HUGE) plastic tote that I put all the hand me downs in. The problem with this was I could never find the sizes I wanted without taking everything out and looking through the tags. So what would happen is I would miss whole piles of that size and we would buy/make what we thought we needed only to find them later on adding even more clothing to the closet. So problem solved. I turned the large rubbermaid into my fabric tote and turned 5 smaller ones into clothes storage. They are divided by size and labeled! Oh so much nicer than digging.

Recently we sorted all of the clothes and took out the holey and unwearable. Then I sorted into smaller piles of what each kid wears, what are their favorites, etc. These clothes go in the closet or dressers. What is left is either being donated or going into a small container to wait for the current clothes to wear out and then will be replaced with the semi new! So far I have bagged up 5 (paper bag size) bags of clothes to get rid of, 1 bag of trash, 1 bag of hand me downs for sorting into the containers, and 1 bag of outgrown clothes to make the younger two girls keepsake quilts with when they are older. I have all ready made Maddy and Michael's quilts but that is an entirely different topic. I still need Joe to sort his clothes and there may be even more gone by then! I am really enjoying the neat and tidy look of the closets and the ease (so far) of getting the laundry done.

We shall see how this works and if I continue to weed out more or keep it as is. I think more weeding is to be had but time shall tell.


Lally said...

wow this is super weird.

My name is Lally I found your blog through twitter when I was searching for a cousin who shares my name. What led me here is that I am also trying to de-clutter my clothes. I just graduated college and I have ALOT of sentimental t-shirts that I need to give up. It seems that you are doing a great job of decluttering so keep up the good work!

Allison said...

I was surprised how many Lally's were out there when I started this blog. Its not my real name (Allison) but its what a dear friend's little boy used to call me as he could not say Allison. I became Lally and they still call me that over 10 years later. :)

Congratulations on your graduation. My husband graduated over 3 years ago with his MSW and it was such a exciting day!

If you want to keep some of your sentimental shirts there is a great project making cloth bags out of t-shirts. You only need to know how to sew a straight line (or get a friend to do it for you)! Knit material does not fray so you only need to sew up the bottom. Here is the link:
It reuses something that you may cherish but not want to store and has a great purpose that is good for the environment too. My husband has asked for bags of a few of his college shirts he can't wear but still feels like hanging onto. :)