Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grocery Shopping {May Update}

I did not make it to my plan of shopping loss leaders at Safeway or Fred Meyer this week. We made our menu (shopping first from the pantry) and I did not need much. I decided as the list was only about 15 items, most of which there is no significant difference between stores, to just shop at Trader Joes. We like their yogurt and it is cheaper and better than any of the other stores. I can get organic produce there as well. Nothing I was buying was on sale at the other stores so I was not going to waste my time or the gas going from store to store.

Our menu this (current) week:

Sunday: Hamburgers and sweet potato fries
Monday: Leek and Potato Soup with bread
Tuesday: Turkey meatloaf (we had leftover soup instead as both Joe and I were sick)
Wednesday: Mom's Night Out (MNO) tonight for me and Joe will be cooking something for him and the kids. :)
Thursday: Vegetable and Black Bean Soup
Friday: Southwest Skillet Pie
Saturday: Whole Chicken

Every item has leftovers for Joe to take for lunch the next day. Or as it has worked out the kids to eat since Joe is sick enough to stay home the past two days.

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